In order to find the financial resources to ensure our ability to offer our donkeys – and those in need – a better life, the Center created Donkeysland, an alternative entertainment and training site dedicated to donkeys.

Its purpose is to introduce this unknown and unappreciated animal to people, especially the children, to highlight this animal’s special charismas and amazing nature and to build a new consciousness on communication, respect, cooperation and coexistence of us with them.

Donkeyland is a place of cooperation, recreation, awareness, education and healing.

With experiential programs for youngs and adults that include information, participation in the daily care and education of donkeys, games with them, walks on the paths of the area (walking next to them) and search for relevant references in mythology, folklore, religion and literature, in Donkeysland we try to inspire respect and love for donkeys as well as to give this animal the place it deserves next to today’s man.

An important part of our action concerns people with disabilities, but also all cases of people in need of support: children, adults or the elderly.

The donkey method from the acquired beneficial and the appearance required for myself, I must use in self-esteem and balance. In Europe, over the years, I approach estates and icons at Donkey Sanctuary, requiring “onotherapy” (asinotherapy) or “donkey support”(donkey assisted therapy) which consists of either ground support and empowerment through contact and cooperation with a donkey, or occupational therapy / physiotherapy / skills development / psychological empowerment or animal back (something similar to therapeutic riding). The donkey is considered an ideal animal for this use, due to its affordable size, its very patient, calm and tender character and its mild reactions.

Having seen how important and immediate its results are for people with disabilities, with our appropriate specialized partners, we apply this treatment method in our area.
At the same time, as the population of the species has declined alarmingly, this is also a way to secure its future, acquiring a new role in modern society. This time, however, respecting his needs and peculiarities.

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